#art, Otro vistazo a Marc Chagall – Let’s Take Another Look at Marc Chagall

(Marc Chagall, 1887-1985/photo/foto Artsper Magazine)

Nació en el antiguo imperio ruso en un lugar que ahora es Bielorrusia en 1887. Este artista judío, cuyo nombre era Moshe Shagal, lo clasifican…o lo consideran…un modernista, pero os digo que hizo de todo. Primero, sus cuadros abarcan muchísimos estilos artísticos y también géneros. No solo se adentró en la pintura, pero también el dibujo, hizo ilustraciones para libros, vitrales, escenarios teatrales, tapices y laminas.

Os digo además que Chagall creció en un hogar gobernado estrictamente por el judaísmo jasídico que prohíbe la representación de las criaturas de Dios y cuando pintó lo que pintaba lo rechazaron completamente y le respondieron con gran ira.

A la edad de 24 años se mudó a Francia y compartió con otros artistas como Robert Delaunay y Fernand Léger. Vivió después en Nueva York, pero jamás aprendió a hablar ingles, quizá porque no le gustaba esa ciudad…

Os sugiero que busquéis mas sobre este gran artista.


He was born in the old Russian Empire in what is today Belarus in 1887. This Jewish artist, whose birthname was Moshe Shagal, is classified, or considered a modernist, but I tell you he did everything. First of all, he painted in all different styles and genres. And not only did he especialise in paintings, he did drawings, book illustrations, stained glass, theatre sets, tapestry and fine art prints.

I’ll also tell you that he grew up in a strict Hassidic home where depictions of God’s creatures were prohibited. When he showed his family what he painted he was met with their anger and disapproval.

He moved to France when he was 24 and shared life with such other artists as Robert Delaunay and Fernand Léger. Later he lived in New York, but he refused to ever learn the English language. Maybe he just didn’t like living there…

I urge you to look further at the works of this great artist.

(«Yo y mi aldea»/»Me and my Village» 1911)

#poem «Espero» – «I Wait» (Euro-Ku)

(Foto de FBC/Derechos Reservados/Photo by FBC/All Rights Reserved)

Espero que me eleves algún día y me coloques donde debo estar…

Lo deseo más que un soldado desea regresar a casa y mas que la noche desea la mañana…

Y más que un culpable espera el perdón sabiendo que la redención existe y en abundancia…


I wait patiently for the day when you will raise me and place me where I belong…

I long for that more than a soldier longs to return home and more than the night longs for the morning…

And more than a guilty one hopes for forgiveness knowing that redemption exists and in abundance…

C.2022, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 23 NOV 2022, Valencia, España

What is Life?

I’ve obtener thought about this question and a Cabaret is a perfect answer.


#artvideo Cuadros que hay que ver de día – Paintings you must see by day…

Zdzisław Beksiński fue un pintor polaco que realmente se lleva el premio del pintor mas oscuro, mas macabro, mas maldito… Pero el no era así. Era solo un pintor, pero que ideaba, pintaba y glorificaba lo extraño…

Zdzisław Beksiński was a Polish painter who really wins the prize for the most macabre, dark and damned painter… But he wasn’t like that. He was just a painter. However one who idealised, painted and glorified everything strange…

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#artvideo «Miami’s Cuban Art Scene» (more or less)

Miami es una ciudad cosmopolita, bueno, hasta cierto punto… Pero la verdad es que en ella, desde el principio de la década de 1960, viven muchísimos cubanos. Los conozco bien porque yo también viví en Miami… El teatro, el ballet, las artes plásticas, la música en fin, todo lo relacionado con las artes lo dominan los cubanos de Miami… Son gente maja y yo diría que son la ostia, pero bueno, juzgad vosotros mismos pues aquí os brindo algo, aunque sea pequeñito, del arte de los cubanos de Miami…


Miami is a cosmopolitan city, well, up to a certain extent… The truth is that Miami, since the early 1960’s, is home to many, many Cubans. I know them well because I too lived in Miami… Theatre, Ballet, Painting, Music, well, anything related to the fine arts, the Cubans control in Miami… They are beautiful people and I would say the coolest, but well, you judge because here I want to bring to you a little of the art of the Miami Cubans…

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#poem «The Message Becomes Tomorrow»

(Relaxing in Valencia/FBC/OmniaCaelumStudiosProductions)

I believe there is justice and love,
and though they must be searched for,
you can find them in the heart,
and in the actions of the one and of the many.

There is justice, there is love, and they’re there…

I will join the brave, courageous one who’s blind to hatred,
and lift him high because no enemy can touch him,
and no rebel can steal his soul.

For him and me death is no worry.
Who can live without death?
No one can save themselves from the fall, or avoid the pit that one day will open wide for all of us…

I think of my first loves…

Who cares about what has happened, what has passed, or what has become of anything.
Everything becomes again, happens again and will pass once more.

Continuous motion,
over and over and over,
life is a circle,
within it there are cycles
never giving way to change.
Nothing changes.

All rivers flow to the sea and the sea never fills up….

So why fret the things of life when we too,
like everything, will end and begin again?
Everything must pass because nothing changes…

I’ve heard the magic words,
the message that one day whispers to another day,
and that one night sings to another night.
Speech without words, music without sounds.

A song of magic and love sung without voices,
reaching to the ends of the Earth.

And the message becomes tomorrow…

C.2022, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 21 NOV 2022, Valencia, España

#art, «Colours I Knew» (Fine Art Print at OCS Valencia)

(Metal print of «Colours I Knew» by FBC/All Rights Reserved)

A fine art print is a faithful, and high quality reproduction of an original work. I have chosen this company to make some of my work available, much more economically, to everyone. I have uploaded several images and created a gallery. The images can be purchased (this company handles everything from the sale to the shipping) as metal prints (shown above), wood print, canvas print, acrylic/art print, framed print and poster print.

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#art, Fine Art Print by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia

(«Jazzy Thoughts» by FBC/All Rights Reserved)

This «Surreal-JazzArt» drawing is now available as a fine art print through this company which handles the sales and the shipping anywhere you may live and makes these images economically available to all. I invite you to check out my galleries

At Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia we sell originals only, paintings and drawings. Collectors, as well as lovers of original art, can contact our Artist Representative (Guloshka404@gmail.com) for information as well as for commission requests. And you are welcome…and invited…to look through her Instagram (@Guloshka) so you can see images of what is available through our gallery.

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