Mamma Mia .. Here comes Gisela Tabu III — Rosa de Valencia Artist Representative Casa del Arte will be the venue in Palma where select few artists will exhibit their works. Francisco is among this select group. We are very happy to announce from October 25th thru November 5th Gisela Tabu III will be exhibited. Congrats to Francisco. 👏👏👏

Mamma Mia .. Here comes Gisela Tabu III — Rosa de Valencia Artist Representative

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Para aquellos que me conocen, lo que os voy a decir no es nada nuevo y es que me encanta dibujar y me enamoro locamente de la línea negra, la fuerza filosófica, espiritual y natural que en el dibujo lo hace todo. Aquí algunos ejemplos de la Fase I de JaZzArt (ya sabéis que va por la Fase IV).

For those who know me, what I am going to say is nothing new. I love to draw and I am crazy in love with the black line, the power, the philosophy, the spirit and the nature of the drawings I create. Here are some examples of Phase I of JaZzArt, and you should already know we are up to Phase IV by now.



#music, For Some Today, Wednesday, is the “Middle of the Week” (not for us in Spain): “Honey Don’t”

(Photo: Actitud Fem)

Ok, it’s a Beatles song and sung by Ringo. Written by Carl Perkins and released on the 1st of January 1956 as side B of the single “Blue Suede Shoes”. Then it was covered by The Beatles.

The Beatles recorded it in 1964 and included it in their Beatles for Sale album released in the UK in December 1964. In the US it was also released in December of the same year but in a Capitol Records album titled Beatles 65.

George Harrison was a great fan of Carl Perkins so Ringo Starr sang “Honey Don’t” at the Concert for George, celebrated at the Royal Albert Hall in London on the 29th of November 2002. This was the first anniversary of Harrison’s death.

I know it’s not a song that soft Beatles fan will even recognise, but a hardcore fan certainly will, and I am one of those. And as a lover of US Country Music, this song fits just fine.

What do you think? Fun song, no?

(1964, The Beatles)

The Beatles made history, not only in the field of pop/rock music, but in many other ways. Can you tell me some of them?

(Photo: Webgrafikk. The Beatles in 1965)


Querido diario, p.3 – Dear Diary, p.3 – US Police Brutality – Abusos policiacos en EEUU.

(Photo: NPR of a Colorado police officer accused of police brutality/Foto de un agente de la policía de Colorado acusado de abusos contra civiles)

Once again we witness how the police in the US treat citizens. In this case a woman was detained, pulled out of her car, handcuffed and then placed in the back of a police cruiser whom the officers left on the railroad tracks. A train came and crashed into the police car and dragged the car with the woman in it, almost costing her her life. The officers on the scene did nothing to try to help the victim. Here is the video footage from CNN.

Una vez más vemos cómo trata la policía de EEUU a los ciudadanos. Han esposado a una mujer y la han trancado en el coche y lo han dejado sobre el paso elevado y un tren lo ha investido y casi le cuesta la vida a la mujer enjaulada por los agentes, que no hicieron nada por tratar de salvarla. Aquí está el vídeo de CNN.

With the resurgence of such intolerant practices like racism, discrimination and other extreme right wing attitudes in the US, it seems like people who don’t fit the new ideal of being a “white” male will have to live in the big cities of the northeast, south Florida and California and avoid the states where these atrocities tend to take place.

Parece que aquellos en EEUU que no sean hombres y «blancos» tendrán que quedarse en las grandes ciudades del noreste, el sur de la Florida y California porque en otros estados reina el racismo y los actos discriminatorios que han resurgido desde el advenimiento de Trump.