Sundays Music: «For No One», The Beatles

(Revolver, released August 1966)

Although it is hard…almost impossible…for me to choose my favourite Beatles album, if I had to choose it would be Revolver. This album was the «follow-up», one could say, of another great album Rubber Soul. I would say that Rubber Soul was the transition album for the Beatles as it marked their ascent from great craftsmen of pop tunes to artists. Revolver then becomes their first artistically made effort, meaning that their songs were no longer about «she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah…» to being about serious relationship issues and other things that appealed more to older lads.

(The Beatles in 1966)

The precise example is the song «For No One». In this song Paul has written about a relationship that has soured along the way, but it is not a teenage relationship but one that could occur to couples in their twenties and beyond. The language is different, the orchestration is more complex and the entire mood is fully artistic. It is The Beatles telling the world that they were not just great songwriters of top 40 hits, but that they were artists, creating and growing in their art.

(In Miami Beach 1966)

«For No One», on the other hand, could have been titled «For No One But Me» because Paul played the piano, the bass and the harpsichord on the song, leaving out the rest of the band except for Ringo. He also did it on «Good Day Sunshine» on the same album. Was this song about McCartney’s relationship with Jane Asher?

(1966 U.S. tour)

In any event, here is this Sunday’s song and I hope you like it. The album, like I said, is phenomenal indeed. If you’ve not heard it in a long time, I leave you here so that you can enjoy it. It also contains my favourite Beatles song, «Here, There and Everywhere», also written by Macca.

(Paul in 1966)


(and yeah, I know today is Saturday! 😜)

Art History Commentary: The Good and the Bad in Abstract Art…

(Vassily Kandinsky, «Yellow, Red and Blue» 1925)

Of course this is my opinion, and I respect all opinions. And though I know that art is what you make of it, that you decide what is good and what is bad, art is still an academic subject and should be judged in accordance to the rules of art. Taste is something else. Tell me what you think.



Poem: Euro-Ku: “The Eye”

(Image by and property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València, All Rights Reserved)

We’re not unseen, ignored, forgotten, or left to our own devices,

we’re not alone while travelling through space.

There is an opening, through which His eye does watch us, and even though we hide He sees our face.

C.2022, Francesc Bravo Cabrera, 23 APR 2022, Miami Beach, Florida (US)

Poem: “Thoughts Behind the Door”

(Image by and property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València. All Rights Reserved)

Who’s behind the door?

Who looks through cracks but doesn’t open?

What does he hide inside?

Does he let in the sun?

Does he let in the wind?

Does he let in the smiles?

Does he even know why he protects all his things?

A door to keep out the strange,

unknown aspects of time,

is a door that combines,

thoughts of worry,

a most dangerous sign,

that perhaps he has finally lost his bleak mind.

C.2022, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 22 APR 2022, Miami Beach, Florida, US.

Poema: “Pausas”

(Foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València. Derechos Reservados)

Si la vida se define por el movimiento y el crecimiento, el arte lo defino como pausas.

Pausas que dejan tiempo para crecer pues yo no creo que se crece con tanta prisa.

Prisa que define el movimiento que dicen significa que si hay vida.

Pero la vida es una pausa clara y lenta que se extiende fácilmente a través del universo.

Y el universo es esa pausa que Dios hizo y al hacerlo, creo la vida…

Pausas, que hacen del camino una delicia, son las pausas que hacen que nos movamos en esta vida.

C.2022, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 21 de abril de 2022, Miami Beach, Florida, (EEUU)

(Aquí, ya bronceado, en mi antiguo taller/galería Omnia Caelum Studios Miami)


Art History: Let’s Talk About Abstract Art

(«Ordinary World» abstract by FBC, image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. All Rights Reserved)

We were taught it was invented by Kandinsky but now we know that way before the great master postulated his philosophy and even his manifesto on art and painted his first «abstract» painting, a woman…imagine that!…named Hilma af Klin, Swedish artist and mystic, had actually developed the style, the genre, or the school of art to be known as abstract.

As an artist I can tell you that abstract art is not easy. It is not just blotches or stains upon a canvas or a paper. It is not just paint dripped or splashed upon a surface, although I know that in the United States «dripping» is very popular because of Jackson Pollock. I care little for dripping and much less for Pollock, but that’s just my opinion.

To truly create an abstract you must follow the rules of art and art has many rules, like any other academic subject does. That is why we suffer through at least four years at uni to learn the craft. Granted the uni does not artists make, that comes later, but you do learn a lot. So to create abstract art you must confront all the problems or difficulties that one confronts with figurative art, being composition, colour (mixing colours is essential), size, theme, reference, style and of course what message you are conveying. Another thing, please work a bit on the title as well, don’t just call it «Abstract No. 1», although I have done that too…

So now I am in Miami Beach, the place where it all began for me. Here I created Omnia Caelum Studios (calling it Omnia Caelum Studios Miami) back in the day (2003). Here I went to the uni, (Florida International University) and learned much from other artists that I met as I exhibited and participated in many things that were going on in and around Florida (and the entire eastern coast of the US).

I am working here as I have clients that have «discovered» I am here and have contacted me. I will continue to work everywhere I live. I never take «holidays», my life is a «holiday» or I should say «Holy day» as I thank God every day for letting me live and for giving me such wonderful life and such wonderful people.

(Art Digital of one of the spectacularly dramatic sunsets of Miami Beach. Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. All Rights Reserved)

I hope that all abstract artists out there continue to create, continue to innovate and continue to search. But I hope they never forget that to create art there has to be a philosophy, there must be adherence to many rules and there must be something to express. Art is the search and Art is the language.


(In Sevilla, one of my favourite cities. Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. All Rights Reserved)

Art History: 1963 to 1973 The Last Ten Years of Picasso

(Picasso in April 1973)

A truly hard working, prolific artist. In 1973 there were about 45,000 unsold works in his estate. The catalogue raisonné compiled by Christian Zervos, lists more than 16,000 paintings and drawings in total for the artist. And he painted them all himself, he did not use workers hired to finish what he started or simply touched up, like so many modern artists nowadays do.

(The 15 metre sculpture he designed and donated to the City of Chicago)

I truly would advice any art lover, art collector and especially art students and emerging artists, to look further, to read biographies of artists and to search, experiment, and work, hard, real hard. That is the only way to develop talent.