«I Still Believe» (Euro-Ku)

(Photo/»Cruz de mayo» photography by Francisco Bravo Cabrera/All Rights Reserved)

I walk the streets, I watch the tele, I listen to the voices of those who teach and preach, all that they know, all that they’ve learned, so bold, so brave, so sure as they now spread their truth, implacable, of all things of this world,

and science is their unquestionable religion, the scientists their priests, their evolution and their strange beliefs, in black holes and dark matter, is what they’re here to teach,

but me, I never learned, I never paid attention in classrooms full of nerds, I still believe in God and mysteries, in love, in faith and peace, I still believe in wonders and I definitely still seek the guiding light, the wisdom, the help from God we need.

C.2023, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 22 May 2023, Valencia, España


This poem is a Euro-Ku. Derived, naturally from the Japanese poem (Haiku) but I’ve modified it to fit our western thought, culture and spirituality. I do admire tremendously the spirituality and the culture of the East, but I was born in the West and I wasn’t put in the West to live as an Easterner. Our experiences are not the same therefore our way of expressing emotions, feelings, well, life, is different. So I came up on the 2nd of February 2022 with the “Euro-Ku.”

The Euro-Ku follows the pattern of the Haiku only in that it is formed with three verses. However, the verses do not have a syllable limitation, they can be as long as you want to make them, but they must flow, seamlessly and coherently into each other. Thoughts cannot go floating out into the wind. And, most importantly, it must be accompanied by an original, unedited illustration, property of the author. It can be a photograph, a drawing, a painting, digital art or anything else that illustrates and relates to the meaning and intention of the poem.

(Photograph is “Cross of May” by Francisco Bravo Cabrera/All Rights Reserved)

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13 Comentarios

  1. equipsblog dice:

    Love this Euro-ku.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you so much Pat!

      Me gusta

  2. Francisco has cambiado de blog?
    Creo que este es todo también, verdad?
    Ya me dirás.
    Por su acaso también lo sigo.
    Un abrazo 🌷

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Este es el único Yvonne, el anterior lo cambié ya hace dos años. Bon dia y un abrazo.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. Sí, ahora lo veo que es tuyo, pero y el otro?

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. El otro se acabó hace dos años…

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  4. I love it and agree with your sentiments.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you so much Dawn!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  5. janetsm dice:

    I love that you developed this new art form. Very nice.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you so much Janet!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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