#travel, «Cienfuegos» la perla del sur…

Although I do not advocate travel to a country under a communist dictatorship, if you must go don’t miss this beautiful city, the pearl of the south


Aunque no abogo por que se viaje a países gobernados por dictadores comunistas, si vais a ir no dejes de visitar esta bellísima ciudad, la perla del sur…

(Este vídeo lo hice despues de mi primer viaje a Cienfuegos – I did this video after my first trip to Cienfuegos)



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  1. pedmar10 dice:

    Only those that need to see family the rest should go elsewhere!

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  2. janetsm dice:

    What a beautiful place! Too bad the people live under such oppression and they can’t leave without risking their very lives.

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    1. That’s the struggle for life under communism. Sixty years ago, before the communist takeover, they lived prosperous lived in freedom and peace…

      Me gusta

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