#art, Estatuas antiguas con ojos – Ancient Statues With Eyes

(Ka-aper/Photo Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Esto a mi me sorprendió muchísimo porque recuerdo haber visto estas estatuas, y otras, sin ojos, o con solo agujeros en las orbitas oculares…

Pero… vivimos en una época de grandes cambios. No solo es eso, lo que llaman progreso, lo que los está generando, hay otras cosas sucediendo, difíciles de entender y mas de describir. Creo que es por eso que muchas cosas que recordamos eran de cierta manera, ahora son diferentes. A veces las diferencias son mínimas, pero otras veces el cambio es radical y contundente. Creo que esto de los ojos de cristal en las estatuas antiguas es una de ellas.

Pero quiero que seáis vosotros los que me contéis…


This surprised me greatly as I remember seeing these statues, and others, without eyes, or with only holes in the eye sockets…

But… We’re living in a time of great changes, and it isn’t just progress that is causing it. There are other things happening, difficult to understand and much more difficult to even to describe. I think that is why many things that we remember a certain way, now they are no longer that way. Sometimes the changes to things are small and subtle but other things have changed radically and bluntly. I think that this thing with ancient statues now having these incredibly life-like crystal eyes is one of them.

But I want you to tell me…






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  1. janetsm dice:

    I think the addition of eyes to ancient statues is creepy and offensive. Can’t people just leave well enough alone???? I suppose if they aren’t capable of producing art, they think they have the right to destroy the art of others — especially the ancients who aren’t here to defend themselves or their art. I compare it to people today thinking they have the right to paint or carve their initials on the boulders and trees God created.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Excellent point Janet. I quite agree, however, these statues supposedly always had eyes. At least that was how I understood it, but I need to research further. Thank you, and all the best!

      Me gusta

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