#art, Andy Warhol, Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive ad nauseum!

(Andy Warhol, “Self-Portrait” from around 1980. An exhibition at Jack Shainman gallery includes nine Polaroid self-portraits of this icon of pop inscrutability.Credit…The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/The New York Times)

You may need to throw up, but please not on top of your computer, mobile or portable…

Here is an artist who is repeated more than anchovy pizza with hot peppers!



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  1. Volfredo dice:

    Excelent. Have a nice weekend.

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    1. Gracias Volfredo! Feliz finde!

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  2. equipsblog dice:

    Sounds like a person famous for not much.

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    1. One of those from the days of the Village and Soho. That doesn’t exist anymore as they have sterilised NYC, just like Vegas…

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  3. Daedalus Lex dice:

    I think of him more as a galvanizing personality than an artist — one who helped shape the tides of the NYC culture of his day. His art never really pulls me in (except for the opening credits of his Dracula film, which was fantastic — though I’m not sure he was the creative force behind those minutes of footage). Others, of course, have wildly different views of him as a person and as an artist.

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    1. Good points. Thank you!

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  4. saphilopes dice:

    She made art for consumption, not art, and it ended badly.

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    1. So true. Teşekkürler! Merhaba from Spain!

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      1. saphilopes dice:

        Merhaba, günaydın.

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  5. Brad Osborne dice:

    It is the sycophants to his celebrity which created the buzz about his art. But his art was never on par with the painters of old or the painters of his era. From him, much was promised, but little was delivered.

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    1. You said perfectly. I quite agree my friend. Warhol became famous because he had the money to buy fame and he did get rich, but before he was the Warhol with the white wig and the strange personality. He became famous in the 50’s as a designer, mostly of shoes. All the best my brother! Have a great Sunday!

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