#poem, I Am Very Happy to Bring You a Bit of: «Hidden in Childhood»


For those of you who still have not purchased your copy of this phenomenal anthology, filled with the work of so many wonderful writers, poets, artists, I will give you a preview of one very beautiful poem included in the book.


Love arrives like a cloud ballet, holding serenity like pearls smiling

naivety reveals me no longer faceless, for forgiveness dwells within

clear as crystals, I am not a starling to make patterns for your dresses

my wings tremble not for you, yet I embed your words in memory

no longer do I need a reservoir of tears, my eyes scream no longer

cypress trees, ponds, and crawdads sing of a lover’s pale blue path

injustices touch many, my heart is not callous, for faith is my rock

resilient as mountains that slice borders yet greet soft pigments of sunrise

owls call to the stars to bring compassion to end suffering and pain

riding with strength of the majestic gypsy horse with quilled heels

smelling the scents that hover over the sands of oceans, I am at peace.

Written by Joni Karen Caggiano, a published poet and photographer. You can look for more of her fabulous work on her blog: https://the-inner-child.com


HIDDEN IN CHILDHOOD is a most phenomenal anthology released this past January (2023) by Literary Revelations and edited by Gabriela Marie Milton, a beautiful poet whose work can be seen in her blog Short Prose.

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    1. It certainly is Beth. Thank you!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  1. jonicaggiano dice:

    Wow, how incredibly kind of you, Francisco. I am deeply touched by this and so grateful that you were moved enough by my piece to feature it on your site. This is a significant complement from the artist who won the «Publication of the Year International» Award for 2023 by SpillWords Press NYC. Your two pieces published in «Hidden in Childhood» were lovely verses that bring vivid thoughts, emotions, and memories to mind. I am very touched by this, Francisco. Thank you again.

    I have been doing a lot of reading of the pieces in Hidden in Childhood, which has so many of the poets we both follow. I have been brought to tears by these pieces, as I can relate to many of them. I am so grateful for how incredibly candid, and creatively people shared feelings and significant events in their childhood and how those memories affected their lives. It truly is a beautiful book of heartfelt poetry. Blessings, hugs, and gratitude! Joni

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    1. I thank you for bringing us such powerful and lovely words, Joni. May God bless you both always. And yes, you are right, we are now friends with wonderful poets who really have touched us with their poetry, not only on the blog but on this phenomenal anthology. Thank you and all the best.

      Me gusta

  2. What a wonderful piece Francis and rightly shows your gift as publication of the year, Honored to be in the book with you. Congratulations, my friend! 💗

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    1. This poem, written by my dear friend Joni Caggiano, is a most beautiful example of the wonderful poetry in this book. Thank you Cindy. Blessings.

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      1. oh she is sooooo awesome and I love her work. My friend and yours and all of us here! Welcome and kudos to you both! ❣️

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      2. She is a wonderful person indeed! Thank you Cindy. My best to you. 🌹🙏🌹

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      3. 3 cheers to that.. and thank you! ❣️

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      4. Thank you Cindy!

        Me gusta

  3. Thank you Francisco. Indeed, she wrote a beautiful piece!

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    1. She writes with passion and with much experience. I do admire her work greatly. Thank you Gabriela. (I am so sorry that this comment was placed, unknown to me, in the SPAM file). All the best,

      Me gusta

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