#art, Cosas misteriosas que ocurren en la historia del arte – Mysterious Things that Occur in Art History

(Joan Miró, 1978 en su estudio, foto de Jean Marie del Moral- El País – Joan Miró in his studio, 1978, photo by Jean Marie del Moral – El País)

Para mi la cosa mas increíble y misteriosa de la historia del arte se llama Joan Miró. No hablo de su persona, pues no lo conocí y tengo que suponer que era una bella persona. Hablo de su obra que para mí es la obra mas aburrida, mas mala y menos pensada de todas las que he visto. Si su propia familia no hubiera hecho la fundación donde se alberga su «arte», creo que sus cuadros estarían en el trastero… Pero bueno, para gusto los colores así que aquí os dejo algo sobre este «gran» artista catalán.


For me the most incredible and mysterious thing in Art History has a proper name: Joan Miró. And I am not referring to his person or to his personality. I never met him so I must assume that he was a wonderful chap. I am talking about his works of «art». It is the most boring, bad and least thought out body of work I have ever seen. If his family had not started his foundation, where his paintings are housed, I think they would have ended up in the storage shed…. But, there is something for everybody in art. So here I leave you with some of the «art» of this «great» Catalan painter.




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    1. Thank you so much my friend!

      Me gusta

  1. equipsblog dice:

    Some of his works remind me of Hieronymus Boush. But don’t know much about either artist.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Bosch was a great artist, a painter who knew colour, craft and had good taste. Joan Miro lacked all that. Cannot agree with you on this one Pat… 😺

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. equipsblog dice:

    I know you like Bosch. To each his own. 😉🤔

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thanks for understanding Pat! 😊🌹🙏

      Me gusta

  3. equipsblog dice:

    Response to anything is subjective, even when we agree on the rules.

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    1. I completely agree Pat. Thanks 😊

      Me gusta

  4. No .me desagrada Miró y ese estilo propio suyo que hace únicas y reconocibles sus obras. Me resultan gratas a la vista, lo mismo que sus cerámicas, mosaicos y tapices.


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    1. Hay algo para todos en el arte, como en la vida. Como dijo Serrat, contra gustos no hay disputas. Gracias y un abrazo.

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  5. Easymalc dice:

    I think you may suspect that I have quite a liking for Joan Miro Francesc, and I’ll tell you why. As you know, I’m no artist and I don’t look at his stuff through an artist’s eyes like you would. To me a lot of his work is very colourful, bright and vivid in the same way that your art very often is. It reminds me of Spain with blue, sunny skies and a joyful atmosphere. There, I’ve said it now. Sorry!

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    1. Hehehe… I appreciate your reply Malc. There is something for everyone in art, as there is in the world itself. I don’t appreciate his work, I might have liked him personally had I met him. And I do admit that some of his paintings would make great curtains or sofas, that is true… 😁😊😉 But I write about all artists because all of these are important for people to know, especially for other artists to study and to be aware of their contribution…or not…to art history, because if a painter does not base his work on what art history does, it often is excluded and forgotten. Cheers mate and all the best!

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