In Case You are a Fan (No Idea Why You Would Be)

(Foto/Photo Vanity Fair)

Si tuviera que ir a una exposición de este artista creo que me tomarían cinco segundos para verlo todo…


If I had to go to an exhibition of this artist I think it would take me five minutes to see it all…




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  1. Volfredo dice:

    Pronto pienso escribir sobre él, Andy Warhol

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  2. Volfredo dice:

    Pienso escribir pronto sobre él, Andy Warhol es todo un desafío. Feliz día.

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    1. Te sigo que definitivamente no soy fan de Warhol, encuentro su trabajo aburrido y bastante regulero, una friolera de tonterías…

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  3. equipsblog dice:

    I would at least put him a step above the Khardashians. He may not have been a great artist, but he at least produced colorful canvases and knew pop culture.

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    1. Oh he knew a lot, he knew he wanted to be famous and a millionaire in his lifetime and he did it… but he made most of his money prior to becoming the white wig wearing Andy Warhol of lower Manhattan…

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      1. equipsblog dice:

        Not familiar with his bio.

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      2. It’s nothing to get hung about… Polish origin Warhola, graphic designer, weird, but likable, managed to sell his wares to companies and become rich, then he started «The Factory» in Manhattan, silkscreen Marilyn’s photo and the rest is history. Oh yes he made extremely boring movies and passed on white canvases… then he died from complications after gall bladder surgery…

        Me gusta

  4. swo8 dice:

    I’m not a fan of Andy Warhol but he did inspire me to paint. I was not impressed with his work, I just knew I could do better than him.

    Me gusta

    1. I think that is great! Motivation, inspiration, guidance is wonderful and it comes from the strangest sources at times…

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      1. swo8 dice:

        It certainly can! Rembrandt was more of an inspiration….

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      2. Understandably… cheers.

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  5. ha ha, a product of Pittsburgh

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    1. Yes, he was born in Pittsburgh…

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