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Estilos… Hay mucha preocupación por ahi por los estilos de arte… muchos que quieren buscarse su propio camino en las artes se imaginan desarrollando o siguiendo un estilo y trabajan para ello. Pero os digo que el estilo no es nada mas que la repetición. Si yo repito y repito la misma cosa, o algo muy parecido, habré desarrollado un estilo propio. Veis… Lo único que necesitas es eso. Por eso yo no soy de los que se enamora de un estilo. Me adhiero solo a las definiciones a grosso modo, como arte figurativa o arte abstracta. Esos son los únicos dos estilos que importan. Y hay que acordarse que la abstracción no lleva figuración alguna, si llevase ya deja de ser abstracción y se convierte en figuración.


Styles… I hear a lot about styles, almost anxiety… Many emerging artists want to develop their own style or faithfully follow one. That’s what they are working towards. But I tell you that style is nothing more than repetition. If one repeats the same…or very similar…thing over and over again, one has developed a style. You see, that is all you need do. That is why I do not fall in love with a style. I stick to the big definitions, like figurative art or abstract art. Those are the only styles that matter. And one must remember that abstract art cannot have any figurative elements present. If it should, it will no longer be abstract art, but figurative.

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  1. Brad Osborne dice:

    I would agree that as an artist in any medium, setting the goal of creating or submitting to a «style» is not a lofty goal. It is, as you said, simply a matter of repetition. Even the best of songs can become stale to the ear. Art is in the exploration and is reflected liked facets of a diamond, not the singular glare of plate glass. If you focus on what it should be, you miss what it could be.

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    1. Beautifully stated and I totally agree. Thank you so much my friend!

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  2. equipsblog dice:

    Although you do not think you have a style, you have certain elements in your art, like strong figures, repeated motifs like bulls, faces, musical instruments, and the female body, coupled with normally intense colors so that I often recognize a piece as likely coming from you.

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    1. So true Pat, I do lean more toward certain elements in my compositions. Thank you!

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      1. equipsblog dice:

        You’re welcome.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

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