#art, Art Digital at OCS Valencia by FBC…

«Art Digital», is how I refer to my own style of digital art. It can be done in many ways. I am sure that you, as an artist, has looked into it. There are programmes out there that will serve the purpose that work and can be quite useful in creating impressive digital images. But I like to start with the digital image of something that I have created or photographed. From there I take it to extremes, through manipulations, and look for my finished product. It is still art. It is still the search. It is still under the same rules, the same ideas and guidelines. Some of these might be considered straight out abstract art. Others are distinctly confusing, but figurative…

(2020: If you watched and liked it, please don’t forget to give it a «like» thank you)


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    1. Thank you my friend. Good morning to you!

      Me gusta

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