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Ok, so you never thought it could happen again but it damned well did! I woke up to the announcement today (we’re six hours ahead of EST) that Donald Trump was going to run for president again! I lived in the US in 2016 when he ran. Nobody that I knew thought he would win. Hell, we didn’t even think he would defeat Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination. Then when it looked like he would, we all said that was great because once he had to face Hillary he would certainly lose…

Then that night, I was watching the election results with a group of friends and we started seeing state after state going to Trump, and Florida (I lived in Florida at the time) going in the same direction. My friends all thought that once the count was finished in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties that Hillary would be declared the winner. But that did not happen. Needless to say, we all know what happened.

Now I remember that a lot of people during that election, did not vote. I heard many were not really in favour of Hillary and some just were too apathetic to get up and do their civic duty. The lack of support for the Democratic candidate gave Trump the push forwards.

I know, because of the clear and unquestionable results of 2020, that the majority of citizens of the US do not want Trump back in office. They demonstrated it by electing Joe Biden, a good man, an honest man, but a very old man, too old to face the stress and the difficulties of running such a nation. But it had to be because another term for Trump was just unthinkable.

So, I no longer live in the US. I have come back to my own country (Spain), but I’ve many good friends there and even family and I don’t want them to go through another four years of the disaster that Trump brought to that country. But yet I wonder… Are people going to do what they did in 2016 and just not vote, or what they did in 2020, which guaranteed that a man like Trump would be out of office?

Like I said, I don’t live there anymore, but…

Best of luck…

Valencia, Spain, 16 NOV 2022, Francis Bravo Cabrera

(Written while listening to Mathias Eick Jazz Band, live at Jazz Baltica 2015)

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15 Comentarios

  1. pedmar10 dice:

    Trump need to create a new party like in Spain…

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    1. No, Trump needs to go to prison with the rest of the other crooks!

      Le gusta a 3 personas

      1. pedmar10 dice:

        not in America lol!!

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Bueno dirás en EEUU, porque América es todo el continente…

        Le gusta a 2 personas

      3. pedmar10 dice:

        Si pero es lo que comunmente se ha dicho aunque haigan algunos catedraticos lol! Se llaman Estados Unidos de America.

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      4. Vale. (se dice «hallan»)

        Me gusta

      5. pedmar10 dice:

        Jajaja soy Frances

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  2. En años, Trump tampoco es un jovencito. Uno y otro tienen una edad provecta, aunque a Biden se le ve con una actitud más dispuesta y, desde luego, como una persona seria. Es que Trump… uf… ejem… es un tipo nacido para elmeme y la chanza. Cada vez que abre la boca, la caga, y ya solo le faltó aplaudir, hasta con el tupé, el asalto al Capitolio.


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    1. Tienes razón, es un capullo con mala fe y malas ganas y lo que quiere es venganza…
      Gracias, tus palabras y comentarios siempre aportan mucho y también me hacen pensar. Te lo agradezco. Un saludo.

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      1. Que conste que no le he dedicado epítetos ofensivos a Trump porque sé que aquí acuden muchas personas allende el Atlántico y no es cuestión que un extraño a los EEUU se dedique a despotricar, en bitácota ajena, contra el expresidente de un país democr´ático. Pero, vamos, que si digo que es un impresentable me quedo corto respecto a lo que pienso.


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      2. Y un desagradable también, diria yo, no?

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  3. Samuel dice:

    Hello. I agree, Trump should go to prison because it’s obvious he tried a coup, and there are enough proofs. However, that will not happen, I’m afraid. For me is a mistery how millions can vote to that guy: ridiculous, ignorant, scammer, pervert (remember what he said about grabbing women by the pussy). Why someone vote to him? I can’t understand.

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    1. I can’t believe it or understand it either!

      Me gusta

  4. Brad Osborne dice:

    My only hope is that the Republican Party will not choose him as their candidate. If he wins the nod to run, then I must rely on the same people who showed up in 2020 to show up again and ensure he never sits in the Oval Office. Keeps us in your prayers, my friend!

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    1. Yes, I will keep you in my prayers my friend. Let us all pray that common sense, decency and love prevails in the mind of the US voter so that they will not be tempted to vote for a man who brings division, hate, and racism to the forefront. All the best.

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