#art, «The Yellow Dreamer’s Song» (a Fine Art Print)

(wood print available here. Image property of FBC/All Rights Reserved)

Fine art prints are reproductions that artists allow so that the image can go further than it would ever go on the canvas or the paper. The rights to the image, since they always remain with the artist, is lent to the company that makes the print, and like this company which I have been using (happily), they make the sale and ship to the buyer worldwide. They offer many different types of prints, like canvas, metal, acrylic, art, and even a poster, along with other items where the image is featured. I have a gallery here with several images (which I continuously update) that I love seeing turned into Fine Art Prints.

Now, at Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, (my own studio/gallery/art business), we only sell my original paintings and those of a very few and select artists that we have chosen to mentor, teach, develop. We negotiate the sale and also ship all over (although mostly to Europe, UK and US, I am sure they will get to other places as well). If you are an art collector, or a lover of original art, please contact Guloshka (Instagram @Guloshka) for more information. Presently we do not do NFTs (but soon we will!).

Here are some samples of our work throughout the years:

(2021, If you watched and liked, please don’t forget to hit that «like» button, thank you)


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  1. beth dice:

    the love the name of this one

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you very much!

      Me gusta

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