#art «Rojo número 33» – “Red No.33”

(«Rojo número 33» -“Red No.33” – Art Digital, FBC/Derechos Reservados/All Rights Reserved)

Esta obra de «Art Digital» es una abstracción que vibra con las frecuencias únicas y particulares del color rojo. La conexión es con el alma, de alma a alma se transmiten las emociones…


This is a work of “Art Digital”. It is abstract and it vibrates with the unique frequencies of the colour red. The connection is with the soul. From soul to soul emotions are translated…




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    1. Thank you very much Sir. I hope you had a great day and did interesting things. All the best for a lovely evening,

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      1. vermavkv dice:

        Good evening Sir.

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      2. Good evening.

        Me gusta

  1. janetsm dice:

    Interesting piece. I do have a question for you — for I know you’d do the same for me — did you mean to put (2029) under the video clip?

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    1. Oops! I am no time traveller so it is definitely an error 😁 Thank you so much Janet! (this is the third error I find on yesterday’s posts scheduled for today. I guess one has to be extra careful when one is working late into the night) I am glad you liked the Art Digital piece. All the best to you!

      Me gusta

  2. equipsblog dice:

    Very vibrant. I like the bits of blended color too.

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    1. Thank you Pat! Very much!

      Me gusta

  3. KK dice:

    Just awesome 👌💐

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    1. Really appreciate it! Thank you 🙏🏻

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