#music, “La canción idónea para estos tiempos” – “The Perfect Song for these Times

(Photo: LoQueSomos)

Todo el poder tiene que estar con el pueblo. No hay poderes absolutos…

All the power has to be with the people. There are no absolute powers…




  1. Ingrid says:

    Poweeeeer to the peeeeeeeople! 💪

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    1. Yes! Right On! Thanks Ingrid!

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  2. spwilcen says:

    It is a noble thought but “the people” cannot be trusted with power beyond feeding themselves.

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    1. Then who do you trust? The Kings? The politicians? The CFOs, CEOs, leaders of industry? Priests? Intellectuals? The village idiot?

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      1. spwilcen says:

        Very few and certainly not politicians, the powerful, educators, “intellectuals,” or the majority of those known as “the man in the street.” I am, sadly, a misanthrope for good reasons. I have met many “village idiots” with more common sense, more valor, more integrity than commonly accepted righteous men.

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      2. Well then power has to be with the people. I am the opposite of a misanthrope, I love people, because I don’t use intelligence or cleverness as a measure, but love.

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      3. spwilcen says:

        Please show me the majority of “the people” are capable of love other than as a disguise for avarice in every form, economic, security, prowess, and yes, carnal. In a show of optimism, I will allow one in ten of “the people” are capable of love other other than themselves, but threaten to remove or reduce one of their accustomed pleasures, even these will become self-serving. “Power” given this saintly ten percent even temporarily, we again have a ruling “elite” which obviates an all-encompassing “the people.”

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      4. I don’t have such powers to see through people like that. I am not jaded, not even by the long years of being the “enforcer” and I cannot judge the heart of my fellow men and women. Like I said, I like people, I don’t mistrust them or fear them. Love is within and without all of us, like light, like the air we breathe. Stop and look, stop and breathe and you will feel that the Earth is for everyone, good, bad, in between, it rains on all of us and the sun shines on all of us as well. Who are we to judge? Did we make the Earth?

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      5. spwilcen says:

        Who made the earth is irrelevant. One has a choice: be wary of the evils and folly of those around you or succumb to those follies and evils like a lamb to slaughter. I am not mother Teresa nor am I Albert Schweitzer, and I remain wary of the “90%” who also are neither, and I certainly do not want them to persist in holding “power” unchecked. You wish me to grant power to the 10% I consider village idiots, which might be acceptable save that the 90% will quickly divest the 10 of power to pursue their own ends meaning we have gained nothing but a delay in maintaining the status quo. The only “we” of the people I see legitimately singing “All we need is love” is the sailor on shore leave with 6 months’ sea pay in his pocket and a snootful of demon rum.

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      6. Totally disagree with just about every word you have written.

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      7. spwilcen says:

        Again, it seems, we agree to disagree.

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  3. Unfortunately there is absolute power – that’s why we suffer many wars and tribulations. Democracy aint perfect but it’s the best we have to contain the irrational.

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    1. You are right. I would not advocate an overthrow of Democracy, never, but I would like to see some things, especially here in EU, get much better. Thanks and a great day to you.

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      1. Yes, there is poor accountability within the EU. I voted remain, but have been uneasy about the lack of effective and transparent representation within the organisation.
        A Frenchman told me that they had had a similar referendum about the EU in France and the result was similar to the UK’s last one. Apparently the result was brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. If this was true, there is a lack of democracy there.
        A society should be constantly testing its aims and ambitions . I think all countries should also be given the right to vote on remaining in the EU – the result might force change at the top.

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      2. I agree. I never heard of the French referendum before. And yes, there should be constant tests and the right of every country to vote to remain or not. The idea, as a theory, I quite agree with, I am not too in love with the practice.

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