#art, Obras en vías de desarrollo – Works Under Construction – OCS València

(En Grecia, Julio 2022/In Greece, July 2022 – Derechos Reservados/All Rights Reserved)

Bueno, la mejor temporada del año para el business de arte comienza con el otoño y termina al finalizarse la primavera porque el estiu nunca es bueno porque tothom se va de vacaciones, y no se, por estos Deus lares hace mucho calor y no le dan ganas a uno de currar si no de sentarse en una terraza fresca y disfrutar de una birra bien fría…

Pero ya llega el otoño y hay que trabajar. Aquí os muestro otra obra que he comenzado desde que regresé a casa. Se titula “El patriota” y mide 50x70cm y la estoy pintando con colores acrílicos sobre un lienzo blanco.


Well the best time of year for the business of art is the “season” which commences with autumn and ends at the end of spring. Summer is never too good because everyone is on holiday, and rightfully because it is hot and that makes work rather uncomfortable. Instead I prefer to cool off in a nice terrace with an ice-cold beer…

But autumn has arrived and I got to work. Here is a new one I’ve started working on since I got back home. It is called “The Patriot” and measures 27″ x 20″ (in US inches) and I am painting it with acrylics on a white canvas.


  1. Catch the Words says:


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  2. vermavkv says:

    Great Post Sir,
    Nice Style of cooling and a beautiful painting.

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    1. It’s getting there, slowly, growing like a child I would say… Thank you Sir. Hope you’ve a great and peaceful night.


  3. oishmortal says:

    Such serenity in one picture 🌸

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    1. Thank you so much! 😊🙏🏻😊

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  4. Susan says:

    Wow, good beginning! I like seeing the process.

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    1. Thank you! There’s more developing…


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