Two Great American Artists

This is an interesting part of Art History. I am sure you know these two, at least you know their work…



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  1. beth dice:

    really interesting and exactly as you said. I know their work, but didn’t know much about them

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    1. Thank you Beth, yes, their work is very popular, but not many people knew that the author of «American Gothic» was Grant Wood. It’s good to know.

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      1. beth dice:

        I use this painting with my 3-5 year old class and don’t tell them anything about it. I then have them dictate to me what they think it’s all about and the answers are amazing and hilarious at times.

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      2. I can only imagine! A wonderful exercise for children to learn so many things at one time.

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  2. Informative piece of writing 🙌🌟

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    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you have liked it. All the best and greetings!

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  3. Brad Osborne dice:

    You have shared two wonderfully talented artists, my friend! They both created marvelous scenes of Americana. Although I like both equally, I do think that Hopper incorporated more use of light and shadow in his works providing a greater sense of depth. Another great video!

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    1. Yes, they certainly did, each in his own right, they created visual American history. I too prefer Hopper. Thank you so much my friend. All the best and a Happy Sunday to you!

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  4. Easymalc dice:

    There was something about these examples that I really like Francesc

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  5. Yernasia Quorelios dice:

    💜 Perfect


    Me gusta

    1. Thank you Dawn, so very much!

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  6. Adelheid dice:

    I remember Edward Hopper during our Humanities subject in college. Two of his works were featured in the class: Summer Girl and Early Sunday Morning.

    Grant Wood? I can’t remember if he was also featured in the class.
    This is truly great Art History.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. They are two classic American artists from the US. Thank you Adelheid, I am so glad you liked it. I appreciate your replies and visits, thank you!

      Me gusta

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