#art, Picasso, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot and their words…

«I wasn’t Picasso’s lover. He was my master» (Dora Maar)

(Dora Maar/Photo Man Ray)

“Pablo’s many stories and reminiscences about Olga and Marie-Thérese and Dora Maar, as well as their continuing presence just offstage in our own life together, gradually made me realize that he had a kind of Bluebeard complex that made him want to cut off the heads of all women he had collected in his private museum. But he didn’t cut the heads entirely off. He preferred to have life go on and to have all those women who had shared his life at one moment or another still letting out little peeps and cries of joy or pain and making a few gestures like disjointed dolls, just to prove there was some life left in them, that it hung by a thread, and that he held the other end of the thread. From time to time they would provide a humorous or dramatic or sometimes tragic side to things, and that was all grist to his mill.” (Françoise Gilot/»Life With Picasso»)

(Françoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso/Photo Robert Doisneau 1952)

“I need to build a halo of mystery around myself because I am still too well recognised as Picasso’s lover» (Dora Maar)

(Dora Maar/Photo La Vanguardia)

“He told me that from now on, everything I did and everything he did was of the utmost importance: any word spoken, the slightest gesture, would take on a meaning, and everything that happened between us would change us continually. ‘For that reason,’he said,’I wish I were able to suspend time at this moment and keep things exactly at this point, because I feel this instant is a true beginning. We have a definite but unknown quantity of experience at our disposal. As soon as the hourglass is turned, the sand will begin to run out and once it starts, it cannot stop until it’s all gone. (Françoise Gilot/»Life With Picasso»)

(Pablo Picasso, Gilot and son Claude in Vallauris, France, September 1949/Photo © AGIP / Bridgeman Images)


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