#art, «Colours in Jazz»

(Acrylic in canvas print/Image property of FBC/Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia/All Rights Reserved)

«Colours in Jazz» is now a Fine Art Print available only through Fine Art America here. Fine art prints make art available to all at affordable prices. I have selected some of the images that I paint or draw to be turned into fine art prints of many types, like wood prints, metal prints, canvas prints and even posters (other interesting items as well). This company handles the entire transaction from the sale to the speedy delivery and they are professional and produce items of high quality. Check out my gallery often as I often change the images I place there…

OMNIA CAELUM STUDIOS VALENCIA encourages all to acquire original art and to support local artists. Enrich your life…

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  1. Daedalus Lex dice:

    Hey Francisco. One thing interesting about your paintings is that, whereas a lot of paintings are somewhere on the gradient of «color more important» or «lines more important,» yours often blast out as 100% aesthetic of color or 100% aesthetic of line. In the jazz paintings alone, how you sometimes coordinate that aesthetic of sound to field of lines and sometimes to colors, is definitely thought-provoking. I have zero credentials as an art critic, so just throwing out my thoughts as they come 🙂

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