Tortugues a València – Tortugas en Valencia – Turtles in Valencia

(Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. All Rights Reserved)

És a la Plaça de l’Ajuntament i representa un animal gairebé prehistòric que hem de preservar, cuidar i conèixer…

Está en la Plaza del Ayuntamiento y representa un animal casi prehistorico que debemos preservar, cuidar y conocer…

It is in the City Hall Plaza and it represents an animal, almost prehistoric, which we should conserve, take care of diligently and get to know…

La Terra no ens pertany, ni tampoc la natura ni els animals que aquí viuen i que ens eleven a majors dimensions espirituals…

La Tierra no nos pertence, ni tampoco la naturaleza ni los animales que aqui viven y que nos elevan a mayores dimensiones espirituales…

The Earth does not belong to us, neither does Nature or the animals that live here, animals that elevate our existence to higher spiritual levels…

Per això és que denunciem l’abús i busquem la permanència de totes les espècies al costat del medi ambient que cal protegir…

Por eso es que denunciamos el abuso y buscamos la permanencia de todas las especies junto al medioambiente que también hay que proteger…

That is why we denounce those who abuse and seek the permanence of all the species, together with the protection of our atmosphere…

(Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. All Rights Reserved)

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Muchas gracias…



    1. So glad you liked it Beth! Thank you!!!

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  1. I agree! Every species is important!

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    1. Without a doubt! Thank you! Greetings from Spain!

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  2. janetsm says:

    Your post prompted me to visit the Oceanografic Valencia website. What a fantastic place! I love what they’re doing to educate/remind people about the treasures of the ocean and that animal species should all be valued.

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    1. Yes, it is one of the biggest and most amazing sea aquariums in Europe! Conservation of species, rescuing species that are threatened and even bringing back lost ones is something that will benefit us all, materially and spiritually as well. All the best Janet.


  3. Adelheid says:

    Nice point here, Sir.

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