Abstract Art in a Fine Art Print…

(Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. All Rights Reserved)

What you see here is a wood print of one of my abstract paintings from a few years ago. Here, you can see other ways this image can enhance your walls. This company takes charge of everything from the sales to the distribution and delivery. They are very reputable and well known to many artists, like me, who have decided to allow certain of their works to be reproduced massively as fine art prints of many types. You can see my gallery here.

And what does abstract art remind you of?

What does abstract art represent?

What are the two main styles of art?

These are test questions…

I sell internationally through many means, mostly from my contacts with collectors, but I also have an agent/representative that has posted most of the work I have decided to sell on Instagram. Please contact her and say hello, and place your order. We ship from Europe to most countries in the EU and also to North America, but we can try anywhere else with much pleasure. Her contact is @Guloskha on Instagram. We are also (mostly) available for shows or galleries and commissions. Same contact.

As some of you may know, I make videos of my work…and the work of others as I love to teach and inform…with my own type of jazz/classical/pop/techno music, sometimes with my «band» (which keeps diminishing) or by myself. Here is one from the old days with my band AJA:



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    1. Good evening Sir and thank you very much! I am very glad you liked it.

      Me gusta

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