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The government is like a jazzman, improvising, however, with one main difference, the jazzman knows what he is improvising upon…

The Government…

it works…it doesn’t

it’s valid and not valid…

It abuses, destroys and devours its children and safeguards its corruption,

and although it says it loves the youth of the nation, it sends them off to kill and be killed, in their own cities as well as in some far, far away…

So, what is the government good for?

So, do we need it or not?

If we think of it with great limitations, it works,

but if it meddles with our individual liberties,

with the life of the people,

with our morality,

with our religion,

with our culture and traditions,

then we don’t need it…

The government is not qualified to involve itself in the lives or in the work of businessmen, artists, and other professionals, technicians or workers of the land. They know how to do their job, they, nor any of us, need the government to be our fathers, teachers or baby-sitters.

Let the government defend our borders, that’s what they should do!

Let the government provide for our basic necessities without charging us an arm and a leg! Every worker deserves his due and has a God-given right to live a dignified life. And we are all equal, we are all workers of the nation.

And let them not think that we have to kowtow to them. They are not divinely placed, we don’t want kings.

The people govern the people for the good of the people. Each group should have their own leaders that know what each group does in society, what they make, and they produce for they know how to guide their operations. The people do not need ministers sitting in their high seats at the Ministry to impose upon them rules and regulations they know nothing about. The masses fine tune their functions with the pulleys and experience of the workers that guide the praxis of production…

So, what is government good for?

Very little, and that is how it should stay…

09 AUG 2022, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, València.

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  1. azurea20 dice:

    Me gusta más el jazz que cualquier gobierno. 🤣🤣

    Le gusta a 3 personas

    1. Igual que a mi! Gracias y un saludo!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. spwilcen dice:

    Let’s Finish off Monday Dancing! A «private post?»

    Le gusta a 3 personas

    1. Nope, just didn’t really like it…maybe Tuesday dancing…

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. spwilcen dice:

        So you withdrew it? Gee. Good to know.

        Le gusta a 2 personas

      2. Yes I did Espie. Once in a while I have to do that so I do t fill up my free page…

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. beth dice:

    dangerous dancing

    Le gusta a 4 personas

  4. Easymalc dice:

    I’m wondering now whether you bother to vote at elections or not Francesc.

    Le gusta a 3 personas

    1. In Spain yes. In the US the last one I voted for was Obama

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Easymalc dice:

        Whoever you vote for, I’m pleased to hear that you do. The right to vote was hard fought for.

        Le gusta a 2 personas

      2. Definitely! It is a right we can never surrender!

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  5. Excellent post! Tyranny is becoming the norm around the world, and we must fight back however we can. The USA is no different, and getting worse. Nobody can be trusted anymore to do the right thing, uphold our laws, secure our borders, or create an environment in which businesses and workers alike can flourish. It’s all about government control over every aspect of our lives.

    Le gusta a 3 personas

    1. Absolutely! Thank you so much Dawn, you have said it precisely and perfectly.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  6. Excellent post and beautiful image!

    Le gusta a 2 personas

      1. equipsblog dice:

        Love the comparison to improv. You do have definite views on things. Nothing wishy-washy about you, Francisco. 👍👍😉

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Thank you Pat. My wishy-washy days are long gone… LOL!

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  7. I am quite shocked at the meddling of the Supreme Court of the US in areas of personal freedom and ignoring facts and science. Government that meddles in individual freedom based on religion and is influenced by the most conservative spheres of society are dangerous.

    Le gusta a 3 personas

  8. Adelheid dice:

    I wasn’t able to vote this year because there’s no ramp for my wheelchair. 😥

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. No problem Adelheid, there will be time.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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