What is Art?

(Konstantin Stanislavski)

A very popular question, not only on this blog, but throughout…

I have studied many methods, beginning with acting, dance and painting, and I have found the most impressive and profound statements to the meaning of art from the writings of Konstantin Stanislavski. Here are some of his quotes and theories on Method Acting, which in my opinion, apply to all the arts.


I suggest you listen to the soundtrack, a piano improvisation on minor chords that I created for the mood of this video.


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  1. Cassa Bassa dice:

    Good explanation and advise.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you so much!

      Me gusta

  2. Cassa Bassa dice:

    And very nice piano 🎹 😊

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you Cassa! So glad you liked it! Have a great Monday!

      Me gusta

    1. Good morning! Thank you so much my friend! So glad you liked it. Have a great day!

      Me gusta

      1. vermavkv dice:

        Stay happy.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. Thank you, you too.

        Me gusta

  3. Brad Osborne dice:

    Acting is not easy. But good actors who prepare and perfect their craft make it look that way. Great post, my friend!

    Me gusta

  4. beth dice:

    very nice share, art is indeed to be found in everything.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Lovely thought Beth, thank you!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  5. spwilcen dice:

    You found a buddy for your philosophy. Nice music. At first I thought it was my Android phone alarm, a catchy wake-up tune.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Well I am glad you liked it Espie. Thank you. Yup, that’s my bud, who I learned from back in the day…

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  6. I’m enjoying all your posts! (Having WP issues-sometimes I can «like», sometimes I can comment, sometimes I can’t do either so I’m reading posts in my email. ) 🙂

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Your reply had been hidden from me by WP. I do not know why, but I found it under the comments section and I am glad I did. All the best.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  7. janetsm dice:

    Haunting and perfect music to accompany a grand piece about Stanislavski. Another inspiring blog post, Francis.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. One of my most admired teachers I would say about Stanislavski. Since I first started in Art school at uni I took acting classes because I found out the professor used the Method. His books and theories apply to all the arts I would say. Thank you so much Janet, I am glad you liked the music. Again, this reply was not included and I am glad I searched and found it. All the best to you.

      Me gusta

  8. ourcrossings dice:

    This is such a great post, Francisco 🙂 Art is everywhere, whether you know where to look or not. It’s the design of your soda can and cereal box, or the graphics of that videogame your kid is currently obsessed with beating. It’s the songs you sing in church or synagogue, and that quilt your grandmother made you years ago. Thanks for sharing. I hope your summer is going well 🙂 Aiva xx

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Those are great points you make Aiva and thank you. Summer is going great but the heat here in Spain this summer is unbearable! We’ve never had these high temperatures before, at least not in Valencia. Hope you are enjoying the summer too. Thank you Aiva and all the best.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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