Dear Diary, chapter #323, «Please Explain Lucy!»

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I am watching the hearings to try to find out why this criminal, that lamentably served as president of the United States between 2016 and 2020, a man whose name I will not mention, did what he did and how to proceed from there, civilly or criminally . The evidence is clear, concise, and overwhelming. I cannot understand why he is still allowed to walk free. He orchestrated an insurrection. He incited masses of extreme right wing, white supremacists to riot. He advocated for the destruction of democracy. He led a mass of rebels and convinced them to attack the U. S. Capitol. What more does the government want to finally put this evil being in prison?

These people are using democracy to destroy democracy. They act in the same manner as the communists, taking advantage of the freedoms that are provided to destroy the system and take over the government.

I generally stay away from politics, but I understand…and firmly believe…that artists must engage in the affairs of the people, in the things that affect our state and society. Although I am a European, I recognise that the things that a US president does can, and do affect the rest of the world, so we all have a voice in this and a valid opinion.

I find it a true horrorshow that such crimes as sedition, rebellion and other high crimes can go unpunished for so long. It is quite clear, not only through his own words but through his actions, that the man that was president before President Biden, was trying to overthrow the government so he could stay in power. Therefore I cannot understand the delay in punishment. Due process is a right and a very important part of democracy, but enough is enough!


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  1. equipsblog dice:

    I don’t understand it either, Francisco. If individuals despise the Democrats and Biden, then support a candidate that believes in the country and doesn’t want a scorched earth, winner take all because his ego is to fragile to admit he lost. That is what is so chilling about this, many people are willing to destroy the country because someone is too messed up to admit the truth and keeps doubling down with each lie.

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    1. It is really hard to understand Pat. But in reality, when you hear the testimony of Republicans (real Republicans) I cannot understand why so many in their party are still willing to support a crook. And there is so much evidence against him!

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      1. equipsblog dice:

        I don’t understand either. Mskesno sense.

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      2. No sense at all. You’re absolutely right!

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  2. I wish it made sense, but it sure doesn’t, it’s disgusting and makes me sad to be American.

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    1. That’s so true Tiffany!

      Me gusta

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