(13) Fine Art Prints by Bodo Vespaciano! (Francisco Bravo Cabrera)

(«Sails of Ages», Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, All Rights Reserved)

You can get this print here at Fine Art America or Pixels check it out:

The Aegean Sea is a very special place for me. I think I must have lived in either the Turkish coast or the Greek coast, or perhaps on one of the many islands there…

So, I spend my summers in the Aegean and I…as you might know…love to take photographs and when I found this boat graveyard…actually a marine carpenter’s shop…I found many subjects for incredible photography (for me).

Now I have allowed them to become prints because many have asked me to do it as there are many boat owners, fishermen, sailors out there that love to see pictures of how life at sea is, was or imagined…

Here is a little more of Turkey and the beautiful Aegean Coast and beaches:



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